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Social Networking.

Social Networking.

The likes of facebook, Twitter, Skype, whatsapp, Google+, instagram, snap chat, and many more. They are the order of the day! They rob us of our free time! They are the gadgets of distractions!

Most of us are on these medias, and we've heard or listen to people say bad things about being on social networks, believe me almost everything in this world has its good and bad aspect, so as social medias as well. It has its own good aspect and its bad aspect, depending on how you intend using it. Remember Rasulullah sallahu alaihi wasallam said:

"Actions are according to intentions,

and everyone will get what was


{Bukhari & Muslim}

So, your heart , mind set and intentions matter, if you have pure intentions towards these medias, you'll use it in a positive manner and you'll benefit positively, if your intentions are bad you'll use and benefit from it negatively.

The amazing part of social networking is that, it makes communications easier, which we are all aware that it is welcomed in Islam as far as it doesn't go against the norms and values of Islam. As Muslim, we are taught to learn, put to practice and convey the beautiful message of Islam to the world at large, which social networking has made easy for us, Alhamdulillah! So, its now left for me and you to choose how we want to use, educate and benefit from these media.

My dear brothers and sisters, we need to fear Allah azzawajal, there are a lot of groups and websites on social medias that promote indecency across the globe, fear Allah and stay way from such groups and websites. Most of us are so so addicted to these social media,to the extent we loose focus on our main purpose in this dunya, we have no concentration on our salah,no time for enough sleep, and unfortunately a lot of Muslim brothers and sister help promote indecency on social medias. But Remember Allah Azzawajal says:

"Asist one another when it comes to goodness and righteousness, and do not help one another when it comes to something bad."


Also know that for every single immoral message, audio, image or video you send, Allah will hold you responsible for that. And Allah says in the glorious Quran that:

" Indeed, those who like the spread of

immorality among those who believe, for them (is) a

punishment painful in the world and the Hereafter.

And Allah knows, while you (do) not know."

(Quran24:19 )

Time waits for no one, and if social networking has always been a point of distraction(time waister) for you, learn to do away with it, engage in sincere and serious ibadah, seek Allahs forgiveness and help. Sit and think deeply, ask your self these questions: my Twitter, whatsapp, Facebook, instagram accounts, how did they helped me? How many people's lives did I touched positively through this medias? Think of people you've sent an important message to today, it doesn't have to be so long that the reader gets bored reading, a short and beneficial message is enough. Wallah It's hightime we sit and think deeply.

May Allah grant us the ability to use our social networks in the right path. Ameen..

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