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Hadith Reflection. Part 1

Hadith Reflection. Part 1

"No person conceals (the faults of) another in this world, but Allah will conceal him (his faults) on the day of resurrection."

(Saheeh Muslim no. 2590)

It is a fact that a Muslim is the brother of his fellow Muslim, and as muslim we are meant to conceal each others faults, but yet they are some faults which are not meant to be concealed. And this is a point where a lot of brothers and sisters get confused, they ask questions like: so if I see a brother/sister murdering someone, taking alcohol, or being so addicted to club. Should I just overlook? In the name of concealing the persons secret? No! We getting it wrong.

Now, this is where we need to understand that they are two type of people: one commits sin secretly and the other sins openly, and there are different ways to go about concealing the faults of these people.

For the person who sins secretly, if you see them do something that will not harm anyone, you should conceal that, and advice them on it if you can, but if what this person is doing trembles with the honour of others,such as stealing and so on, then in such cases you can't conceal the persons mistakes because another person’s rights have been violated.

And also if the sin is something they committed in their past and have already repent, and you somehow found out about it, then you just have to conceal it, Don't make issues about it,don't use it to create a bad image of them in the society, don't judge them for what Allah Azzawajal has already forgiven, then if see them in the act of committing a sin, you should try to stop them, even if it means telling others about it.

Now, the only condition where you are allowed to speak about others fault is when; you are called to give a withness on the persons character, may be for marriage purpose or an investigation being made. And also a person who sins openly and repeatedly, and everyone is aware of what he does, then he is not deserving of having his sins concealed. Instead, you let others knows in respectful manner, so that they take precautions against them, you should also report them to proper authorities or parents/guardian, in order to try and curb their evil.

Lastly If you as an individual make a mistake or commit a sin, it is better you keep the matter to yourself and ask Allah Azzawajal for forgiveness, you don't have to confess your sins to anyone, repent to Allah and ask Him to guide you to what is better. telling others about it won't help you, in the process of telling you might be encouraging someone with a corrupt mind to do the same. And also gone are the days where problem shared is half solved, these days when you tell people your problem it turns a topic of discussion, it spreads. So, Keep it between you and Allah subhanahu wataala, follow the conditions of repentance, and make taubah.

May Allah forgive our shortcomings. Ameen

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Amina Faruk 07/19/2016 22:35

May Allah subhanahu wata'ala forgive our sins and grant us more understanding, ameen

Amina Faruk 07/19/2016 22:35

May Allah subhanahu wata'ala forgive our sins and grant us more understanding, ameen

Maryam Abbas 07/19/2016 22:26

Masha allah Jazakhillahu sister, may Allah grant us understanding of the deen and give us the heart to keep our sins as secret